Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod

Still Life With Persimmons
by Mikki Root Dillon



Image Preparation Guidelines

Please prepare your images using the specifications BEFORE you start the entry process!

All images must be high quality jpeg (jpg) image files. Set your camera to the highest possible quality image, use good lighting on your painting without any glass in front of it, and use a tripod for your camera. (If you don't have a tripod, be sure you hold the camera still and that the two vertical sides of your painting are perpendicular with the sides of the image viewer. Having these line up is critical to avoiding distortion.)

You must crop out all parts of the photo that are not the actual painting; do not show mat, frame, etc, only the painting itself. Please save at 300 dpi resolution, with a size of 900 pixels on the longer side of the image (i.e. for a horizontal format, the width should be 900 pixels; for vertical format, the height will be 900 pixels; for a square format both dimensions are 900 pixels.) The upload system will not accept very large files, so you must reduce the native image size to these specifications.

For guidance on how to prepare your images using Picasa, PS Elements, Photoshop or iPhoto, PPSCC purchased these useful Step-by-Step Image Preparation Tutorials created by Christine Ivers, PSA. Click on the title of the image program you wish to use.

Picasa v3.9

PS Elements v12

Photoshop vCS6

iPhoto v11


The Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod
is a member of IAPS, which hosts an every other year international convention in New Mexico, the next one being in 2017.

International Association of Pastel Societies:

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Pastel Society of New Hampshire

Pastel Painters of Maine

Pastel Society of America

For Richard McKinley's weekly blog, Pastel Pointers:

Resources for plein air painting:


* Michael Chesley Johnson's blog

* Richard McDaniels' book On Location Plein Air Painting in Pastels

* Check out issues of The Pastel Journal, The Artist's Magazine, Plein Air Magazine, and International Artists magazine - they have had articles focusing on plein air painting.

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