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2020 "Winter Blahs" Workshops

"Exploring Color" with Kim Morin Weineck - March 21, 2020   ****CANCELLED****

The Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod is excited to announce that we are once again offering one-day to help chase away those winter blahs!

Workshops will be held on Saturdays at the Cape Cod Art Center (formerly CCAA), 3480 Route 6A (Main St.), Barnstable, MA. We anticipate interest to be high and space is limited, so members are encouraged to sign up early.

Workshops will run from 9:00am - 4:00pm and are limited to 12 participants to provide ample room for painting and plenty of one-on-one mentoring at your easel.

Prior to the workshop, participants will receive a supply list & tips for preparing for the workshop.

Cost for each workshop is $70 for members and $125 for non-members.

Registration is on a first come, first served basis and is processed entirely online.

As with all workshops, your payment is non-refundable unless the workshop sells out and your spot is taken by another person from the Waiting list.

Please note that 2020 membership dues must be paid by 1/15/20 to secure a spot at the member rate. Just another benefit of being a member!

To pay your dues, please visit the "Become a Member page" here.

For more information about these offerings, please contact Workshop Coordinators for information.

If you experience problems registering or paying for the workshop, please contact Laura Lincoln for assistance.


********* Workshop Archives *********

"Mixing it up in the Landscape" with Laurinda O’Connor

Join in this fun and supportive day of painting! Using our photographs as a beginning point, we will experiment with different underpainting techniques as we begin to interpret our scenes. We will start the day with a demonstration before jumping into exercises and small studies. We will let go of our photographs and let our paintings speak for themselves as we make it ours through gesture, composition, color decisions, and our own style of mark making. There will also be discussions about the process, and plenty of individual instruction.

"Come and Play with PanPastel" with Lisa Regopoulos:

This workshop is perfect for people that have never tried PanPastel, or have tried it, and want to explore other possibilities with this medium.

It’s going to be a fun, hands-on workshop using PanPastel and pastel pencils. If you’ve never tried them, you are in for a treat! They are amazing.

The workshop will start off with an hour demo to show different application techniques, use of tools, layering, mixing color, and mark making using the many different applicators.

You’ll see how fast you can block in shapes and watch a painterly image emerge. Workshop attendees will receive an informative hand-out filled with useful tips, information about PanPastels strengths and limitations, and more.

You’ll leave the workshop skilled with layering, handling the tools, and the knowledge to create your own PanPastel masterpiece and a finished pastel painting.

"Painting an Expressive Portrait" with Jeanne Tangney:

Portrait painting is so much more than capturing a likeness! In this workshop, we will explore how to create an expressive portrait while learning the importance of shapes, values, color relationships, and edges. We will first go over some basic proportions for establishing general features, then cover other useful tips for starting a portrait and correcting errors along the way. We will analyze facial planes, form shadows, and cast shadows, discussing how they can be used to portray gesture and interest. These guidelines will be applied to a preliminary charcoal study before beginning our more developed pastel painting. We will focus more on creating an expressive, evocative portrait rather than an exact likeness. Demos will be included and students will receive plenty of individualized instruction to help them reach their personal goals.

"Moving Water and Rocks" with Cindy Crimmin:

Waterfalls, brooks, surf, coastal rocks, eddy turns, rivulets, even sunlit drainage ditches: all offer pastelists a wonderful opportunity to explore layered colors, shapes and composition, three dimensional forms and wet/dry surfaces, and/or most importantly light and shadow that brings everything to life.  Starting with a discussion of composition and underpainting, this workshop will include a demo of painting New England waterfalls. Participants are encouraged to bring reference photos of any water or rock formation from which to work. Brief, smaller more targeted demos may be interspersed with plenty of time at the easel and a chance for painters to develop their own styles and to capitalize on their own voices, regardless of experience or level of expertise.

"Making Waves” with Amy Sanders

Who isn’t fascinated by the water in all its forms, be it crashing against jagged rocks, raging in storm-tossed seas, or in its calmer times, simply reflecting glittering sunlight like thousands of tiny diamonds?  Artists for thousands of years have struggled to represent its essence.  This studio workshop will be dedicated to an exploration of a variety of technical tricks and tips that can make the process of rendering water easier, such as focusing on what you see instead of what you think you see, understanding reflections, employing creative layering, widening your range of values, and being clever with a few simple tools.

"Puppy Love!" with Mona Dumoulin Cross

Join Mona Dumoulin Cross as we celebrate the animals in our lives with a fun filled day of animal portraiture. Whether you have a special dog, cat, or pigmy goat, this workshop is for you! Learn to simplify your approach and strengthen your painting skills through the basic principles of value, color theory & temperature, light source, and a strong focal point. Mona’s step-by-step method & individual attention will benefit those new to pastel as well as those aiming to improve their existing skill set. This workshop includes a painting demonstration, followed by a discussion of materials, capturing a likeness, creating emotion & texture, and handling special challenges like painting an animal with all black or all white fur. Mona’s enthusiasm for teaching and painting animals makes this information-packed workshop a must for the animal loving artist!

"Fun with Painting Water!" with Dave Kaphammer

Whether the subject is quiet streams in the woods, boats and foliage reflecting on ponds, or marshes, reflections on water are a fascinating subject.  We will use value, color, and variations of mark-making to enable you to paint convincing water and reflections with confidence and energy, and have a lot of fun in the process.  Water reflections are a fun and approachable way to get into abstraction.

"From the Ground Up" with Laurinda O’Connor

Let’s build our painting from the ground up! It doesn’t matter if the scene is active or calm, subtle or bold, we will begin with the underlying structure Through sketches and studies, we will capture the gesture of the landscape, create solid compositions, make color decisions, and top it off with our mark making. Laurinda will demonstrate and discuss her process and mark making decisions and offer plenty of individual instruction. Previous pastel painting experience is helpful. Bring your pastel supplies, photographic references, and refer to supply list for more ideas.

“Painting City Scenes with Expression and Looseness” with Shelly Eager

Join Shelly as she teaches you how to express the feeling of the city with energy, color and limited detail. She will instruct you on how to capture the essence of the activity, get the angles right and express the vitality of an urban setting with color and movement.

“Portraiture” with Paul Leveille

Want to improve your skills in portrait painting? One look at Paul's work and you will understand why he is a popular instructor and successful professional artist.

"Composition, Contrast and Design" with Christine Bodnar

This workshop will focus on developing a good design with a strong composition and interesting effects to produce or evoke a response from the viewer.

"Water - Reflections and Color" with Dave Kaphammer

Whether the subject is boats in the harbor, foliage reflecting on ponds, or marshes and streams, reflections on water are a fascinating subject.  We will focus on a few key techniques to enable you to paint convincing water reflections with confidence, and have fun with color and mark-making in the process.

“Moments of Stillness” - Painting the Still Life in Pastel with Jeanne Tangney 

In this workshop, we will learn how to create the illusion of depth and atmosphere while learning the importance of shapes, values, edges and color.

“80/20(ish) – Contrast is Everything” with Deborah Quinn-Munson

This workshop will focus on the relationship between contrasting elements in order to create dynamic pastel paintings. As examples, participants will consider the percentage of large shapes to small, light values to dark, warm colors to cool, while pushing the limits a bit! Following demonstrations, students will create quick studies and sketches followed by a more developed painting.  Individual instruction will be tailored to participant needs.

Gel Medium with Betsy Payne Cook

This workshop will be a fun way for you to explore using gel medium with pastels. I will encourage artists to be creative and play with this process!  We will use pumice ground on board and apply multiple layers of gel medium alternating with your application of pastels.  We will rotate working on at least 2 paintings during the day, allowing drying time for the gel medium and pumice ground.

Expressive Skyscapes with Ed Chesnovitch

Skies are dynamic and ever-changing! In this FUN one day workshop we will delve into understanding the use of aerial perspective in skies, and focus on creating depth and form with color temperature to create luminous moods. Experimenting with sky color and discovering design and gestural movement in cloud formations will bring your skyscapes to new heights!

Using Intuitive Color with Jean Hirons

Working from a black and white photo, Jean will demonstrate a method for creating color studies, based on limited harmonic palettes. Each individual can decide how realistic they want to be in their use of color. Jean will identify the areas of the composition where color can be most variable, and the importance of shape and value in creating good compositions. Seeing color in terms of value, temperature and chroma, rather than hue, will be the focus of the workshop.

Bold and Expressive: A Figurative Workshop in Pastel with Michele Poirier-Mozzone

Add excitement to your work with a bold under painting and confident strokes of color. We will use photo references as a jumping off point to achieve a figurative painting with exciting color, gestural, painterly mark making, pleasing composition and sense of light. Participants are encouraged to gather a selection of figurative photos with a good sense of light and shadow. Whether you choose figures in groups or alone, outdoors or interior - the possibilities are endless! In this workshop, thoughtful planning of composition, drawing and color choices in a thumbnail painting allows freedom and confidence to achieve a more bold and expressive final painting. We will experiment with the effects of an under painting in both watercolor and oil. As we examine how beautifully the under painting can complement the pastel, we will work on achieving interesting and expressive marks, not only with pastel sticks, but through the use of pastel pencils and rewetting/splattering the pastel surface. By paying close attention to value, we will work on using more interpretive color than what we see in the photo references. This is a time for us to have fun, loosen up and put our tentative, "safe" ways of working aside.

"Abstract in Pastel" with Michael Evans

Michael Evans focused on identifying resources and reference material that can be translated into creating abstract paintings in pastel. Reference material was provided and examples of how they could be distilled into abstract works was demonstrated.

The use of metallic acrylic paints in conjunction with pastel was also introduced. Michael demonstrated how to take subject matter and transform it into the abstract. To see Michael's work, visit his website at

Colorful, Bold and Luminous in "Up Close" with Shelly Eager

Shelley Eager of Franklin, MA shared her experiences in painting her new series, "Up Close" in which she zeroes in, crops, and gets intimate with subject matter. She paints ordinary items into extraordinary paintings, finding beauty in the mundane. She teaches how to paint the still life from unique finds from an antique store, and what to look for in terms of shapes, color, composition, and more!

Seeing the beauty in everyday items is what gets Shelly Eager's creative juices flowing. She paints "Slice of Life" paintings and sees everything through a different point of view. One of the things that makes her work so distinguishable and recognizable is the way she pushes color and the very colors that she sees. For more info: visit Shelly's website:

"Color Dynamics with Pastels" with Gigi Horr Leverant

Pastel Society of America Master Pastelist, Gigi Leverant, will guide you through multiple exercises to help you feel more confident using the vast array of color available with pastels. Pastels are a medium that begs to be "played with" and Gigi will show you how to get greater impact out of the medium. Students will have the opportunity to explore the use of quick studies to focus your imagery toward a more compelling visual expression. Everyone will have the opportunity to create his or her own prepared pastel board under Gigi's guidance.

The one-day workshop is geared towards the individual artist's goals and abilities. The morning session will include a demonstration followed by examples of the quick studies used by Gigi. The afternoon session will give you a chance to apply new strategies and focus on your own work with lots of individual instruction. Students are asked to bring a minimum of 30 pastels. A supply list is available on request.

"Explore the Dark Side", Reflections, Glows and Textures! with Christine Ivers

Join this award-winning, nationally recognized pastelist and "Explore the Dark Side" during this two-day workshop. Work on your surface or on Chris's hand-made boards (which will be available for purchase). Discover the depth of darkness while working in a relaxed atmosphere. Demo included. A materials list can be found at Bring your own photo or work from one that Chris will have available.

"Pushing Color Boundaries" with Ed Chesnovitch

Fire up your imagination and explore the emotional side of landscape pastel painting. This one day workshop will focus on creating a series of strong simplified starts by using big shapes of bold color. We will then experiment with color temperature, complements and the addition of beautiful neutrals to push a painting further. Go beyond your comfort zone, create a more expressive sense of atmosphere and have confidence with color. Let's push it and have fun!

"Painting A Pastel Portrait" with Margaret Farrell Bruno

This workshop covered the basic principles of painting a representational portrait, including capturing a good likeness, adding dimension, depth, expression and creating emotion and vibrancy. Learn to look for shapes of shadow and light to simplify your approach and also use of lost and found edges and color temperature will be discussed.

Because of space limitations, we will be working from photographs. But this will enable good discussion on how to photograph your model and the strengths and weaknesses of using photographs.

During the morning session of this workshop, you will be provided a photograph to work from. For the afternoon session, please bring at least two different portrait photographs you would like to use. The subject can be either and adult or a child. We will determine at that time which is the strongest photograph for the afternoon session portrait and why.